Google mail not Working on iPhone & not loading – Google mail Won’t Load How to Fix It

Google mail is one of the world’s most used email services and have millions of users worldwide. It incorporates so many features like easy email sending and receiving, large storage space, etc and therefore is highly applauded by the users. However, there are certain times when Gmail does not work in the way it should, this causing troubles for those working with it. The same is the case with the iPhone users. The Gmail not working on iPhone is one of the most common issues that occur quite frequently. In this article, some simple ways to fix the Gmail not working on iPhone have been provided.

Reasons for Google mail not working on iPhone

Multiple reasons can be there behind the Gmail not working on iPhone. Knowing the exact reason is pretty helpful in applying the correct troubleshooting measures for the issue. Check out below some of the major reasons why your Gmail is not working on your iPhone device.

  • In case you are using the mobile application, the application is not up-to-date.
  • If opening Gmail via a browser, the browser is either outdated or incompatible.
  • Your device has been infected by some kind of virus.
  • Important updates are missing from your iPhone operating system.
  • Some third-party program installed in your iPhone is interfering with Gmail.
  • A device running low on storage also creates problems with mail apps.
  • Incorrect configuration of Gmail in your iPhone can create working problems.
  • Any issue with your email account can also be a reason.

How to fix Google mail not working on iPhone?

Some easy ways to fix the Gmail not working on iPhone have been provided below. Before you proceed with fixing the Gmail not working on iPhone make sure that the problem is not due to slow internet speed. If you have a good internet connection, you can then move forward with the solution discussed below.

Solve issues if you are opening Google  mail via a browser

In case there is some problem with the browser you are using to open Gmail you can fix them by following the measures given below.

  • Make sure to use a compatible browser to open Gmail in your iPhone. Google Chrome is the most recommended browser for Gmail. You can try using Safari browser too.
  • Whatever browser you are using, it must be updated to its latest version. If not already, you need to download the latest updates to it.
  • Clearing cookies and caches from your browser can help fix issues with Gmail. If needed, try deleting the browsing history as well.
  • Temporarily disable the extensions, add-ons or plug-ins added to your browser for the time you are working on Gmail.
  • Make sure that JavaScript and Adobe flash player are enabled in your browser.
  • If nothing else works, switch to another browser to open Gmail on iPhone.

Fix problems with your iPhone device

Problems with your device can create troubles while working with Gmail in multiple ways. To fix this, you can try the following methods.

  • All the important operating system updates should be installed in your device. Install them if not already.
  • In case you think that your system is infected with virus, run a good antivirus scan to find and remove harmful threats and then try opening Gmail.
  • A third-party application installed in your system can also create the Gmail not working issue. Temporarily disable any such program while you are working with Gmail.
  • Sometimes, simply restarting the device can fix the Gmail not working in your iPhone.

Resolve the problems with your Google mail app and account

Certain issues with the Gmail account can also create troubles with its working. You can fix these issues by following the different ways described below.

  • If you are using Mail app to open Gmail account, make sure that the application is updated to its latest version.
  • While configuring Gmail on your iPhone device, make sure that you are using the recommended settings.
  • If your Gmail account is running out of space, it may also not work properly. Free some space by deleting unwanted emails.
  • Make sure that your Gmail account is properly synced with your iPhone device.
  • If nothing else works, you can try reinstalling the Gmail app in your device.

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